About Us

  • No other business hires all the small tools you need for your home D.I.Y projects or repairs.
  • Convenience! of having the gear & materials you need picked up & delivered 6days (7 A.M- 7 P.M).
  • Tradesman owned & operated, with all workmanship guaranteed!
  • Free measure & quotes.


Over the years I’ve had a few repairs & projects I’ve done around the house, yard, & on my car etc. Jobs that I could do myself & being a tradesman I did. I’ve spent hundreds per item $$ overall thousands $$$ of dollars buying tools & equipment to do these one of jobs over the years. Only to have this gear now sitting in the corner of my shed doing NOTHING going to waste, not worth selling, & I never rarely use.

So I thought WHY BUY IT when you can HIRE IT? All the smaller tools that you can’t get anywhere, & all the
smaller materials you need for that D.I.Y project Delivered FREE. With also a handyman service if you’d prefer a tradesman to do it, so I came up with HOME HIRE & HANDYMAN SERVICES.