Mechanical / Fabrication & Sheet-metal

$59.00 / night

Clear dates


  • Stanley Knife (1off)
  • 5mtr Tape Measure (1off)
  • 18’ Hack Saw (1off)
  • Ball Pain Hammer (1off)
  • 4Pce Screwdriver Set (1off)
  • 300mm Engineers Square (1off)
  • Feeler Gauges Metric (1off)
  • 150mm Mag’ Spirit Level (1off)
  • 600mm Mag’ Spirit Level (1off)
  • 150mm Out-side Calipers (1off)
  • Hex drive Allen Key Set Imperial (1off)
  • 150mm Engineers Rule (1off)
  • 300mm Engineers Rule (1off)
  • 150mm Steel Dividers (1off)
  • Centre Punch (1off)
  • Plumb Bob 150gm (1off)
  • 3Pce File Set Flat/Round/H-Round (1off)
  • F-Clamps 200mm (2off)
  • Chipping Hammer (1 off)
  • Metal Scriber (1off)
  • Medium Podgy Bar (1off)
  • 300mm Crow Bar (1off)
  • 8Pce Driving Bit Set (1off)
  • Thread Gauges Metric (1off)
  • Thread Gauges Imperial (1 off)
  • Feeler Gauges Imperial (1off)
  • 250mm Multi-Grips (1off)
  • Pin Nose pliers 250mm (1off)
  • 150mm Shifter Spanner (1off)
  • 300mm Shifter Spanner (1off)
  • 20mm Metal Chisel (1off)
  • 300mm Pipe Wrench (1off)
  • 300mm Wire Brush (1off)
  • 50mm Mag’ Spirit Level (1off)
  • Allen Keys Metric/Imperial (1off)
  • 8Pce Pin Punch Set to 10mm (1off)
  • Straight Blade Tin Snips (1off)
  • 150mm In-side Calipers (1off)
  • 250mm Vice-Grips (1off)
  • Pointed Punch (1off)
  • 25mm Paint Scraper (1off)
  • Small Fox Wedges (4off)
  • 3Pce Ratch/Spanner Set to 19mm (1off)
  • 50Pce Socket Set to (23mm) (1off)
  • Cir-clip Pliers Internal 175mm (1off)
  • Cir-clip Pliers External 175mm (1off)
  • Pinch Pliers 200mm (1off)
  • 6Pce Hex Drive Bit Set (1off)
  • Pliers 250mm Standard (1off)
  • Hole Saw Arbor (14-30mm)
  • Sure Grip Gloves/Ninja (1off)
  • Oxy Gloves (1off)
  • Thread Tape (1Roll)
  • Boilermakers Chalk (2off)
  • Oxy Goggles (1off)
  • Marking Pencil (2off)
  • Ear Muffs (1off)
  • Safety Glasses (Clear) (1off)
  • Safety Glasses (Dark) (1off)
  • Small Torch+(Batt) (1off)
    Knee Pads (1off)
  • Tig Welding Gloves (1off) Flint Gun (1off)

Operating hours
6 days a week, from (7am-7pm) Emergency call out available.

Newcastle area ONLY! Within 35km, outside 20km delivery fee of $35.00 applies.

All tools & equipment picked up & delivered FREE when you spend over $30.00 on hire. If you know what materials you need for your job, when you spend over $30.00 on HIRE. We’ll get them for you & deliver them too.

No materials delivered (Larger than 3.6 x 1.5 & in excess of 500Kg in weight).

7 day maximum hire term, (equipment & tool inspection required) if additional time sort.

$59.00 per day except for Yard/Gardening & Landscaping which is $35.00 per day.


A security deposit is required for all hire items relevant to COST $$ of items.

Security deposits will be secured by a CREDIT CARD or DIRECT DEBIT transaction with all orders. Phone orders require a Security deposit via the same methods.

$0 – $100 $50.00
$100 – $500 $150.00
$500 – $1000 $350.00
$1000 – $2000 $650.00
$2000 – $3000 $1500.00

KITS security deposits are different to (HIRE tools & equipment) KITS security deposits are ($150.00).

Security deposits will be REFUNDED on pick up & inspection of all HIRE PRODUCTS, less hiring costs, fuel usage, excess cleaning requirements, loss, theft or damage.

All equipment & tooling is inspected, checked, & to best practice & supplied free from any major damage. All surface scratches, dints, normal ware & tear or age of equipment & tooling is noted pry to any new hire.

Security deposits will be withheld for any noticeable damage or breakage, until a (qualified & authorised) person/persons can inspect the equipment or tooling. At their quickest convenience to determine if the product was faulty, or if damage was deemed to be from customer carelessness or mis-use.


ALL TOOLS & EQUIPMENT are to be locked & secured in a safe manner to prevent theft, mis-use, or damage due to exterior weather.
Large outdoor equipment if cannot be garaged, will have chains, covers, & pad locks supplied for security & protection purposes.
The Customer will be responsible for the security & condition of all equipment & tooling supplied by HOME HIRE & HANDYMAN SERVICES.